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Now through 30/04, April is turning eerie with numerous spooky items, packs, and bundles returning to the Crown Shop! Look out for more frightful favorites returning throughout the rest of the month!

Beware - thrills and chills await!


Spooktacular savings! Now through 4/30, you can save on select items in the Crown Shop!

Save 50% on the following:

  • Death Mastery Amulet

Save 25% on the following:

  • Death Starter Bundle
  • Death Jewel Pack
  • Bat Glider Mount(PERM)

  • Cerberus Master Pack
  • Pirate Nightmare Pack
  • Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack
  • Elven Nightmare Pack
  • Harrowing Nightmare Pack
  • Nightmare Pack
  • Grim Ferryman Pack

These frightening Pack bundles give you 12 packs for the price of 10!

  • Grim Ferryman Pack Bundle
  • Nightmare Pack Bundle
  • Elven Nightmare Pack Bundle
  • Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack Bundle
  • Pirate Nightmare Pack Bundle
  • Harrowing Nightmare Pack Bundle


Necromanctic Mounts Bundle

  • Bone Dragon Mount (PERM)
  • Bat Swarm Mount (PERM)
  • Road Warrior's Chopper Mount (PERM)
  • Death Brume Mount (PERM)
  • Cast Symbol Death Mount (PERM)

Hallowe'en Trees Bundle

  • 3 Grim Tree Housing Items
  • 2 Graveyard Tree Housing Items
  • 2 Dead Briar Tree Housing Items
  • 2 Scorched Tree Housing Items
  • 2 Dead Tree Housing Items
  • And much more!

Happy Eerie April!

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