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True Friend Code


The Story

Fallon Night and Calamity Mythtamer are friends in Real Life. Both are over the age of 13.

Fallon Night wants to be True friends with Calamity in Wizard101.

They both can only use Quick chat but would like to be able to text chat to each other, and they can do this using the True Friend code.


The Invite

  nullFallon Night logs into Wizard101 and clicks the True Friend button in the Friends Panel.

She is prompted to get a True Friend code.

The Code

Fallon is given a code that she is very careful to write down in a safe place.

The next time Fallon talks to Calamity in real life, she gives Calamity the code. She only has 2 days to use the code, so Fallon makes sure that Calamity writes the code down!

Calamity has the Code!

Within two days, Calamity logs into Wizard101 and presses the True Friends button in her Friends panel. Calamity types in the code and presses the Check Code button.

Calamity and Fallon True Friends!

Calamity has entered the code and pressed the Check Code button!

She is given a message that she is now True Friends with Fallon Night! Hurray!
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